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Welcome to Week 6

First me say I am laughing at myself and my 1st quarter awards.  No sooner than 5 hours after I posted Cardinals QB Kevin Kolb was my MVP thus far, he goes out an lays an egg against the Rams.  I swear, while watching that game all I thought about was how the readers were laughing at my pick.  Perhaps I should’ve selected the Texans QB for 1st qtr MVP.  Then my Offensive Rookie MVP, Redskins QB RG3, goes out and plays well until he decided to make something out of nothing…leading to an early exit due to concussion.  I promise…I’m better than this, lol.

Ok Kansas City fans I need to talk to you.  I know you all are mad, frustrated, 38 hot, etc that the team has not been playing well all year.  I know QB Cassell should be benched, but to cheer because he was knocked out of the game is a bit much!  I know we love football because it is aggressive and violent in nature, but to cheer him getting knocked out is a bit much!  He could’ve died on that field.  We have to think more about the human and less about the game in situations like that.

*Steps off soapbox*

Now on to my week 6 picks…..

Steelers over Titians….Have the Titans provided another reason for me to believe in them

Atlanta over Oakland….Matt Ryan and the Falcons are on FIRE!!! I know the Oakland defense can’t stop them

Baltimore over Dallas….The Cowboys have some offensive line issues

Bengals over Browns….The Browns defense is HORRIBLE

St. Louis over MIA…. I believe the Rams are on the right track after beating the Cards

Colts over Jets…. Andrew Luck is good……very good

Eagles over Lions….I think Philly’s defense is good enough to overcome the offense’s turn-over woes

KC over TB…. I have no idea why, lol

Cardinals over Bills….The Cardina’s nasty defense is going to ROCK Fitzpatrick’s world!

New England over Seattle…. Seattle is ok and I know NE is going into a tough place, but I know Brady can overcome the noise

San Fran over New York…. The 49’ers are out for revenge after losing in the NFC Championship last year

Vikings over Redskins…. Everytime I pick the ‘Skins to lose, they win….Let’s hope that holds true

Texans over Packers…. Rodgers is NOT playing his best football

Denver over San Diego…. I’ll take Manning over the Chargers defense anyday

What are your picks? Thoughts?


1st Qtr Awards and Week 5

Well the 1st qtr of the NFL season is complete and I will admit, I am VERY surprised at what has taken place thus far.  Teams I predicted to do well are failing and vice versa.  It really is a “any given Sunday” atmosphere. 

Let’s get to my 1st Qtr awards….

MVP: Arizona QB, Kevin Kolb.  He was HORRIBLE in preseason and lost his starting job only to provide relief in the first game.  He has led the Cards to an 4-0 start, with the help of a great defense. 

Offensive Rookie: Washington QB, Robert Griffin III.  While his team is 2-2, he has shown GREAT poise thus far and has the Washington offense clicking.  I can see what Coach Shannahan was high on him.

Defensive Rookie: New England DE, Chandler Jones.  He is a one man wrecking machine.  He has 17 tackles, 3 sacks and 2 forced fumbles. Very impressive numbers for a rookie.

Coach: Atlanta Coach, Mike Smith. He has his boys ready to play. 


Here’s what I am expecting to happen in the 2nd qtrof the 2012-2013 NFL season….

– The teams will separate themselves.  I don’t see ANY team being undefeated by week 8.  There will be a lot of the “middle of the pack” teams

– Green Bay will get better.  There offense is coming together

– Tim Tebow will be the starting QB for the Jets

– Panthers WR Steve Smith and QB Cam Newton WILL get into it at practice.  Smith has been known for his attitude

– Bears WR Brandon Marshall will continue to improve his image


Here are my picks for week 5

The Cards over the Rams….St. Louis is improving, but the Cards are better

GB over Indy…..The Colts are in a bit somber with the recent news about Coach Pagano’s health….They will be inspired, but it won’t be enough

Baltimore over KC…..The Ravens are well rested after playing 4 games in 17 days

Cinncy over MIA….Defense wins games and Andy Dalton is improving

Pitt over Philly….Steelers are coming off a bye and some of their defensive starters will be returning….Vick is prime meat

Atl over Wash…..The Falcons offense is going to fly all over the Washington defense….What player on Washington’s defense can cover WRs White and Jones?

Giants over Browns…Tough divison loss to the Eagles has the Giants focused and ready to get back on track

Panthers over Seahawks….West coast teams don’t fair too well in the East coast

Chi over Jax…If Cutler and the Bears D can play like they did against Dallas….Yea, no contest

New England over Denver….This is a toss-up, but I see Brady getting the best of Manning

49’ers over Bills…San Fran’s has a good offense and the Bills have a bad defense

Minn over Tenn…Back-up QB and a struggling defense is exactly why the Vikings win

NO over SD…Suspended coach Sean Payton is allowed to attend games.  That is all the inspriation the Saints need

Texans over Jets…The Jets lost their best players on both offense and defense

Who are your 1st qtr award winners? Did I miss anyone?  What are you week 5 picks?

Week 4, 2012

Yayyyyy! The regular refs are back!!!  That is GREAT news.  After the incident on Monday I did not see anyway the NFL brand would allow the replacements to call another game.  I could deal with all of their issues as long as it didn’t affect the outcome of a game.  I can go on and on about this, but it’s a moot point now 🙂

Here are my week 4 picks 🙂

What are your picks?  Thoughts on players and their community service efforts……let me know.

Overturned Suspensions and Week 2

On Monday, Saints linebacker Johnathan Vilma will meet with Commissioner Goodell as it relates to the Bounty scandal.   As we all remember, Vilma was suspended for the entire season for his role in the Greg Williams led bounties on opposing teams.  When the suspensions were first announced some months ago, I felt as though Vilma got the short end of the stick.  While he could have made a choice not to participate in the bounty games, he was treated like it was his idea.  Yes, head coach Sean Payton was suspended for a year and Greg Williams was forced into retirement….I mean suspended indefinitely, but Vilma was simply doing as he was instructed.  Should he be suspended, yes.  For an entire season, no.   I’m of the thought you suspend him 4-6 games and let it be.  The team owners and coaches are the ones who should’ve been fined and suspended to the highest levels allowed.  I understand Goodell wants to send a message, but he is sending the wrong one.  Oh, and he wants to preach player safety…yet he has replacement refs calling the games….so much for safety, but that is another blog.

My picks last week were horrible.  Let’s hope I do better this week………Here are my selections!

Packers over the Bears

Buffalo over KC

New Orleans over Carolina

Cinncy over Cleveland

Colts over Vikings

Texans over Jax

Pats over Cardinals

Giants over Tampa

Ravens over Eagles

Raiders over Dolphins

Dallas over Seattle

Steelers over Jets

Chargers over Titans

49ers over Lions

Falcons over Broncos

What are some of your picks?

Let the Games Begin!!!

Are you ready for some football!?!?!? I am very excited for the 2012-2013 season to begin later on this evening. There is nothing like an NFC East showdown to start things off. Not to mention, five teams will be starting rookie QBs, including my Washington Redskins. It will be interesting to see how they each respond to the pressures of being a starting QB in the NFL.

The biggest issue off of the field is the “replacement refs” situation. It is my hope that the Ref’s union and the NFL began talking….SOON! From everything I have read the issue is about money and hiring a few additional refs, which in turn, takes money away from the current refs. The referees feel that the raise offered to them by the NFL were too much lower than the raises they got back in 2006, despite the NFL high revenues.

What I didn’t know was NFL referees are part-time employees, unlike the referees for MLB, NBA and NHL. Despite being part-time employees, all refs must keep up with current rules, study game film and stay in good physical shape. In essence, they are almost working two full time jobs! One pays full-time; while the other is not. I think I have to agree with the refs on this one. Give them more money! The integrity of the game and the safety of the players are in their hands. I hate to see the “replacement refs” open the season.  Let’s hope they do a good job this week.

Here are my week 1 picks!
Giants over the Cowboys

Da Bears over Indy

Eagles over Cleveland

Detroit over St Louis

Houston over Miami

Atlanta over Minnesota

The Saints over Washington

Buffalo over the Jets

New England over Tenn

Seahawks over the Cardinals

Green Bay over San Fran

Carolina over Tampa Bay

Pitt over Denver

Baltimore over Cinncy

The Chargers over Oakland

What are your Week One picks?

Round One of the Playoffs

I know it’s been awhile since I posted anything, please forgive me. Between life, family and the holidays I have not had enough time to post about anything. Anywho…………

It’s playoff time!!!! This is a bitter sweet moment…..with the playoffs starting all fans know that the season will be over in a month, but this is when teams REALLY play! Win or Go Home!

There are some surprising teams in the playoffs. I didn’t see the Broncos, Bengals, 49ers, or the Texans making the playoffs when the season started. The team that REALLY surprised me were the Bengals…They did it with a rookie QB!!

Tomorrow we have Cincinnati at Houston and Detroit at New Orleans. My picks are Cincinnati and New Orleans. I know the Texans beat the Bengals a few weeks ago and that is EXACTLY why I think the Bengals will answer back this time around. As a matter of fact, the Texans have not won a game SINCE they beat the Bengals. The Bengals have a lot of bright young starts on offense and their defense can get it done. I expect The Bengals D to be all over Texans rookie QB Yates. Yates is coming off of a hip injury and it will be interesting to see how he holds up under the pounding. I’m sure Marvin Lewis has something special for the young man!

You have to go with the Saints in this game; they have TOO many weapons. I know, I know, the Lions defense is GREAT. But there is no way they can stop Brees, Sproles, Graham, etc. New Orleans can run and pass on any team. It will be interesting to see what the Lions do to neutralize the Saint’s offense. I’m sure Lions QB Matt Stafford will put up some good numbers as he did in their previous meeting, but it won’t be enough. The Saints are a seasoned team….they’ve been here before. The post season is new to
the Lions and it will show.

Sunday’s lineup includes Falcons at Giants and the Steelers at Broncos. My picks are the Giants and Steelers. Atlanta and New York is sure to be a high scoring game and should produce a lot of high light worthy plays. This game is going to come down to which team has the better defense. We know that Falcons QB Matt Ryan and Giants QB Eli Manning can both take control of a game and make plays when needed. The Falcons have a better ground game than the Giants. Both teams have GREAT wide receivers and that is where the defenses will come into play. Who is going to stop Falcon’s WRs White and Jones? Who is going to stop Giants WRs Cruz and Nicks. May the best pass rush win! Let’s not forget, Atlanta is a dome team. Playing in a dome is A LOT different than playing outside in the elements. That will also impact the game. My thought is the best pass rush will win!

Let me say I like the Broncos and was very excited they made it into the playoffs despite dropping their last two games. Let’s be real, the Steelers are going to win this game. Broncos QB Tim Tebow will not be able to do enough in the air against the Steelers’ defense. Point blank. Now the Broncos can run the ball…but the Steelers know how to stop the run which will require the Broncos to rely on Tebow’s arm. On the upside the Broncos’ defense will get to harass Steelers QB Big Ben who is currently nursing an ankle injury. Big Ben has always been good at extending plays with his legs, but with a bum ankle it will be much harder to do so. Steelers RB Mendenhall is out with a knee injury, so the Broncos’ defense should try to get to Big Ben early and often. I still like the Steelers’ chances even with the injuries.

Those are my picks and I am sticking too them. What are your picks for round one of the playoffs?

Week 9 is in the Books!!!

This was a GREAT week of football!!!! The late games were……EVERYTHING! Five games went down to the wire and a JV game went into overtime!!! I’m not even sure where to begin.  So many story lines!  Tebow and the Broncos get it done in Oakland, the Packers staying undefeated, the Giants beating the Pats again, Bengals with the comeback win, the Ravens sweeping the Steelers…..there are some major headlines this week.  In other news, I went .500 with my picks :-/

What I Liked About Week 9

Tim Tebow getting it done with his legs and arms in Oakland…He was battered and bruise, but played one heck of a game!

RB Willis McGahee running the ball down the Raiders throat….He was giving it to him! The Raiders had no way to stop him and he has a broken hand

Miami getting their first win….They dominated Kansas City from the beginning.

Falcons’ rookie WR Julio Jones hands and speed!!! That boy will be good in a few years!

Texans RBs combining for 239 rushing yards against the Browns….I don’t think the Browns run defense showed up

Three TD passes for the Bengals rookie QB Andy Dalton….He has the team sitting at 6-2…Who would have thought it

Redskins K Gano’s 59 yard FG…..He tied a franchise record…That was one of the few bright spots of the game

Saints rushing for 195 yards

The Giants beating the Pats

Cardinals Patrick Peterson’s 99 yard punt return to win the game in OT

What I Didn’t Like About Week 9

Washington Redskins………..* deep sigh and tears *

Bucs RB LeGarrette Blount’s unsportsmanlike penalty….there is no need for that type of behavior

Bills QB Ryan Fitzpatrick’s QB rating of 2.9 in the first half

The Browns and the Peyton Hillis saga….The Madden curse is real

The refs not knowing what constitutes a “catch”…if it hits the grown, it’s not a catch….I’m just saying

The Colts losing two TEs to injuries… is just not their year

When the Chiefs lose, they lose badly! There losses always seem like blowouts

The first 3 quarters of the Ravens/Steelers game…..I almost fell asleep

The “legal” hits that were called as penalties

The 1pm games

What We Learned in Week 9

Cowboys’ rookie RB DeMarco Murray is the truth!!!  That young man should be starting

The 49ers, Bengals and Giants are for real

Chargers QB Philip Rivers is having a bad season

1 pm games were very subpar

The Steelers will be haunted by the loss to the Ravens…it may play a factor come the playoffs

If someone team follows the Chargers game plan against the Packers, minus the interceptions, the Green Bay can be beat

The Redskins offense will only get worse as the season goes on

Jets QB is afraid of contact….ok, at least when he lined up as receiver he was……watch this

Tom Coughlin knows how to coach!!!

Chicago can keep Cutler upright!